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Transit Construction Corp, formed in 2003, has a remarkable record of success within the construction industry, with clients equally represented in both Public and Private endeavors. Despite the increasing sophistication and advanced technology that defines our industry today, projects continually seem to be besieged with problems resulting in interruptions, suspensions, delays, cost overruns and incompletion. Transit prides itself in approaching all projects with a pro-active attitude enabling us to detect problems early enought to circumvent or resolve immediately tot he satisfactoin of our clients while moving forward to achieve budget and a timely completion.

Our broad capabilities, combining engineering and construction capabilities allows evaluate issues and propose meaningful solutions.

Our philosophy of “keep it simple” is driven by planning, scheduling and controls assuring that we manage by leading indicators nor trailing measure.This has been a paramount cornerstone of our success and is the underpinning to our motto, “Building Tomorrow Today”. 

A couple of testimonials:

“The responsiveness of the Transit Project Management team has been very much appreciated and the quality of work by the
field crew continues to be excellent” 
- Walter Hickey, PC, Facility Engineer, Henry Hudson Bridge
“….unprecedented cooperation between our organizations for public safety has helped the Brewster Fire Dept. come closer
to its goal of saving lives in the District”
- Kenneth Clair, Commissioner, Brewster-Southeast Fire District.

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Email: info@transitcorp.com
Website: www.transitcorp.com

618 Saw Mill River Rd Suites 1-7, Yonkers, NY 10710



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